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28 April 2012 @ 05:04 pm
Title: Opera
Who: Heechul
Note: I decided to design Heechul's outfit for Opera. I miss him way too much. He needs to come back quickly~ Enjoy ^^

24 August 2009 @ 02:26 am
So since...you know, G-Dragon came out with Heartbreaker, I've been on a drawing spree trying to come up with something cool based off of his video. It took forever D:

But here are the results of my work. :D


I designed a few t-shirts based on Heartbreaker ^^
Enjoy :D
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24 May 2009 @ 01:32 pm

I need money. Then again don't we all?
Now that the summer is coming, I will have more time then normal to draw and do happy things like that =D

Down to business.

I am willing to draw for money >< Yes, I am selling my artwork for money.

Here are the things I am willing to draw

Portraits  (realistic)
~Black and White ($15)  
              (ex: link, link, link)
~Colored ($20)  
              (ex: link, link)
~1/2 Black and White 1/2 Colored ($20)  
              (ex: link. link, link)

~Character Sketches (OCs)
 (Full body ($15), waist up($10), or head shot($5))
        (ex: link, link)

~Fanart (Depends)
        (ex: link, link)

~You can always suggest something. I'm open =D

Prices can be negotiated. Extra little add ons to the picture may cost some more (backgrounds for example), but that can be discussed as well.

Portraits/drawings are on 9'' x 12'' drawing paper.
I am willing to mail the original depending on where you live.

I'm willing to draw...
~Any Asian celebrities. (preferred XD)
~Celebrities in general
~Friends, Family or yourself
~Original Characters (OCs)

Suggest something, I might like it.

Thank you~

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18 May 2009 @ 07:22 pm
So, I want to see which members of Super Junior are more popular. This is part of a research thing I'm doing...don't ask XD

This will also mark my return to my journal...I will actually start using this journal again =D Yaaaaay!

Okay, Since I couldn't fit all of the members on one Poll, I split them up into two. (I guess that means you can vote for two, if they are on the different polls XD) I also included members of Super Junior M. Please don't complain.

Thank you for your help! Have a great day!

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20 October 2008 @ 06:43 pm

So, I rarely post on this journal...actually not at all...I think I did once and that was it.

Now that we have that settled. I'm not one who likes to post about my life and such, but I do like to post my fics and fanarts. However, I do this on a joint community me and my sister have. She writes fic, and I draw/write fics =D
So, If you come to my journal and find it empty, head on over to speshlhappiness  and check out my stuff over yonder =D

Thanks to all y'all

and goodbye ^^
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